Architecture & Construction

Architecture & Construction We help design & manufacture design elements that are incorporated into Architectural Installations & Construction Projects. Such elements as special wall panels and lighting fixtures to help create the aesthetic appeal the Architect or Interior Design is creating in the living space such as grand foyers, meeting halls, museums and art galleries.

Emergency Response

Police For police departments we can manufacture Squad Car Security Barriers and Squad Car Key Board to help keep track of who is using what car or whether a car is out for servicing as well as drawers, dividers for organising their equipment in their vehicles. Fire Departments For fire departments we can manufacture ‘ROOM…

Marine Equipment

Marine Specialty Marine Equipment we manufacture components for specialty marine equipment such as: Viewing Ports for Deep Sea Diving Suits and Submarines Clear Domes for Solar Powered Meteorological Ocean Buoys Housing & Chassis for Oceanographic Research Instruments Boat Windows    ♦    Hatch Covers    ♦     Equipment Covers    ♦    Instrument Housing We manufacture to your specifications using a variety of materials…

Food Processing & Services

Food Processing & Services Food Processing Plants We manufacture various components for food processing plants such as chocolate, fruit, wine, meat, sausage, dairy and fish including: Trays Bins Bushings Wear Plates Guides Screens   Food Service Restaurants In addition, we manufacture components for food service restaurants such as: Display cases Sneeze Guards Menu Holders Table Covers

Medical & Dental Equipment

Medical & Dental Equipment Archer Plastics manufactures various components used for medical and dental equipment including: Housing Enclosures Cabinets Bezels Shrouds Lenses Radiology Markers Links LifeSciences British Columbia – Medical Devices   Laboratory Equipment In addition, for laboratories we manufacture holders, racks, dispensers for items such as: Test Specimens Test Tubes Flasks Surgical Gloves Masks Gowns Detergents Chemical Agents

Museum & Art Galleries

Museums & Art Galleries We fabricate acrylic display cases, vitrines and picture frame glazing that showcase and protect cultural, biological, and historical exhibits in private and public collections. Acrylic is an ideal material for this use due to its excellent optical clarity, half the weight and many times more impact resistant than glass. It is safer and…