ExosuitSpecialty Marine Equipment

we manufacture components for specialty marine equipment such as:

  • Viewing Ports for Deep Sea Diving Suits and Submarines
  • Clear Domes for Solar Powered Meteorological Ocean Buoys
  • Housing & Chassis for Oceanographic Research Instruments


Boat Windows    ♦    Hatch Covers    ♦     Equipment Covers    ♦    Instrument Housing


We manufacture to your specifications using a variety of materials well suited for the marine environment:

King StarBoard®

Will not rot, discolor, swell, delaminate when exposed to the harshest marine environments. Repair and refinishing due to weathering and decay are eliminated, requiring no maintenance other that normal cleaning. Tough, durable, matte finish that hides scuffs and scratches. Used for cabinets, countertops, doors, windows, trim and molding. Also available with a high friction, textured non-skid surface to prevent slippage and promote drainage on gangways, steps, etc.

Kydex® (acrylic/PVC alloy)

Tough, durable, UV resistance material used for instrument housing, equipment covers. Available in a number of opaque colors.

Plexiglas® (acrylic)

Half the weight of glass and more shatter resistant. Commonly used for boat windows, windshields, and hatch covers. Available in various tints and gauges.

Lexan® (polycarbonate)

Half the weight of glass and 20 times more impact resistant. Commonly used for boat windows, doors, panels, and hatch covers. Available with UV and abrasion resistant coating.

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