The fabricators at Archer Plastics are among the most talented and skilled in the industry – what the master carpenter does with wood, we do with plastic. We utilize every possible technique available in the fabrication of plastics we can create almost anything you can imagine. Such things asaquariums, display cases for art galleries and museums, architectural pieces, retail displays, restaurant fixtures, helicopter windows, etc.


  • Free Blow Forming is used to produce dome shaped parts that require extremely high optical clarity. Some examples would be windows for helicopters, skylights, observation domes, security camera lens, aquariums, etc.
  • Drape Forming is used produce parts with a simple curve; some examples would be cones, cylinders, restaurant sneeze guards, motorcycle fairing, boat windscreens, and aircraft light lens. It involves draping a sheet of hot plastic over a mold of the desired shape and allowing the plastic to cool and harden to take the shape.
  • Matched Mold Forming is a similar process to drape forming, however instead of draping a sheet of hot plastic over a one-piece mold, the sheet is sandwiched between matching halves of a two-part mold. It is used produce more parts with more complex shapes, i.e. compound curves with finer details.
  • Vacuum & Pressure Forming is used to produce complex three-dimensional parts such as protective and aesthetic equipment housing, enclosures, monitor bezels, keyboard casing, dashboards, instrument consoles, door panels, machine guards. It is an ideal process to anywhere from fifty to several thousand parts per year for industrial, electronic, fitness, medical and dental equipment.


Toshiba ISE 120-5A Plastic Injection Molding Machine 120 tonInjection Molding:

We have a 120 tonne Toshiba Injection Molding Machine to injection mold parts up to 200 grams in weight.  Platen dimensions are 24″ x 24″ with a clamping stroke of 20″. We specialize in small to medium sized production runs. In addition, through Chimo Tooling, we have an in house machine shop to prepare prototype and production injection molding tooling.


Through Chimo Tooling, we have an in house machine shop complete with a milling machine, lathe, CNC mill, EDM Sinker & Wire cutters, 2D & 3D Pantographs, cutter & surface grinders, TIG welder, polishing machine, 4′ shear, pan brake, punch press, 55 ton hydraulic press, etc.for the machining of both plastic and metallic parts.

Pattern and Mold Making:

We have extensive in-house tool, jig and pattern making capabilities. For the majority of parts we manufacture for our customers we manufacture the tooling right in house. This allows us to have complete control over our quality and production schedule. In order to suit the stage of your product development, we will make short term prototype tooling as well as durable and long-lasting tooling for full-scale production.

3D Modeling:

If you have an idea, a sketch, a sample we will help you prepare a 3D model of the part in order to produce any required tooling to produce the part, a prototype, etc.

CNC Trimming/Machining:

If your parts require trimming or machining we will utilize CNC routers, milling machines, lathes, laser cutters and water jet cutters.

Fiber-Reinforced Composites:

Using the latest thermoset resins and techniques, we manufacture a wide range of light-weight, high-strength components as well as durable long-lasting tooling such as vacuum forming molds.

Urethane Coating

Tough durable coating that provides UV and chemical resistance as well as an aesthetic finish to the exterior housing of medical, dental, fitness, electronic and industrial equipment.

Assembly & Installation:

We provide full assembly & packaging of your product, incorporating all metal & plastic components, built & packaged to your specifications, so that you can focus on other things.